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     Site Updated:  5th February 2020
After much deliberation, I have decided to close my business Equestrian Gear Online within the next couple of months.

After 20 years of operation, I would like ...to thank all the people who have sent me gear to sell on their behalf. Also a big thank you to all the people who have bought items over the years from me.

I will be contacting owners of the gear that I still have in the next couple of weeks, to organize the return of gear that hasn't sold.

If any buyers out there have had their eyes on any of the items I have listed, now is the time to purchase before they are returned to their respectful owners.

Any owners reading this that would like some or all of their gear donated to bushfire victims, let me know.

with thanks
Jane Lavelle
Equestrian Gear Online



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How can I pay for the gear?  Firstly we do not take credit cards. There are however a number of other ways we can take payment. The most popular for large items is COD. The advantage of this option is the goods are sent immediately. There is a charge (by Aust Post) of approximately $9.00 for this service. Another method of payment is direct deposit. This is not as fast as COD however as it generally takes 2 working days to clear our account. If you wish to use this facility, please contact us and we will advise account details. The third option is to send a cheque for the items. A bank cheque is preferred because the banks will clear these quicker. If a personal cheque is sent, the items will not be despatched until the cheque clears (5 working days)

Why won't you send the items prior to payment? All our items are held on consignment. We have to protect the goods entrusted in our care hence we will not release the items until payment is confirmed.

How much is postage? We have a standard charge of $8.00- $10.00 for small items that fit in a B6 post pack. Where the item is larger than this (as most things other than clothing are), the actual costs are charged. If you contact us we will provide a quote for the postage.

Why does Equestrian Gear Online require the gear to be sent to us? We do not insist that this occur however this is our strongly preferred option. The reason for this is twofold,  firstly,  we prefer to photograph and rate the item ourselves. This ensure that the item is as described when the purchaser receives it. In the past we have had some people describe an item far more favourably than we would and this leads to a lack of trust by purchasers. We want people to know that what they are getting is what was described on our site. Secondly, we have found that the delay in getting items to a purchaser when we have to wait for them first is unsatisfactory and does not provide the level of service we hope to deliver.

What if the price I set is too high? Obviously we need to set the final price that is attractive to buyers. That is the buyers receive a price heavily discounted on the new price. If we consider your price too high, we will tell you - remember we need to add our commission on top of your price. It is then your choice if you wish to change the price. The question you need to ask is this -  Would you pay the price you have put on the item after commission and postage is added?

What does the "New Ball" mean? The ball is provided to enable regular visitors to know when a new item is listed. This does not mean that the item is unused rather that it has been listed for less than 1 month on our site.

 What does it mean when an item has the words "SALE PENDING" rather than a photo?     This means that the item has been purchased however in accordance with our refund policy, it is not removed until the refund period has elapsed. We have retained the hyperlink to the photo for your reference.

Why do I need to fill out a Consignment Form? The consignment form is important as it contains a statutory declaration that you are the owner of the goods and states the price required by you. This ensure that there are no disagreements after the item has been sold and protects the purchaser from buying gear that the seller had no title to.

Does a listing with Equestrian Gear Online mean that we have exclusive selling rights? No - You are welcome to try to sell the items privately or some other way whilst listed with us. Upon request we will immediately return the items we have listed. we do however request that postage on the item  be met by yourself. 

What is the markup on the gear? This depends on the item. In the case of an expensive item such as a quality saddle, the markup is as little as 5% to 10%. On less expensive items, the markup is likely to be between 10 & 20%. In all instances the markup is added to the price you request.


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