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After much deliberation, I have decided to close my business Equestrian Gear Online within the next couple of months.

After 20 years of operation, I would like thank all the people who have sent me gear to sell on their behalf. Also a big thank you to all the people who have bought items over the years from me.

I will be contacting owners of the gear that I still have in the next couple of weeks, to organize the return of gear that hasn't sold.

If any buyers out there have had their eyes on any of the items I have listed, now is the time to purchase before they are returned to their respectful owners.

Any owners reading this that would like some or all of their gear donated to bushfire victims, let me know.

with thanks
Jane Lavelle
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About Show Pony Colour

What is Show Pony Colour?

Show Pony is a new colourant designed to enhance and condition your horse’s coat. Show Pony improves the colour and shine of your horse, allowing you to blend uneven coat colourings and create one all over colour, or to simply improve the horse’s shine. It is a permanent application that lasts up to eight weeks!

What is the advantage of Show Pony Colour?

The advantage of Show Pony Colour and the reason everyone is talking about it is because it is odourless, a low irritant, long lasting and helps you achieve optimum show conditions or prepare your animal for sale or breeding. It works beautifully both on long and clipped coats and is very easy to apply!

Because Show Pony has been specially formulated to suit animals, we have found that horses actually enjoy the application and removal process – who doesn't’t love a good massage!

What colours are available?

The colours available in the Show Pony range are black, brown, chestnut, liver chestnut, copper chestnut, bay, grey, palomino, buckskin and clear. Other mixes can be supplied upon request, emailing a photo of your horse to us always helps


How does Show Pony work?

  1. In your Show Pony pack you will find five containers of colour, each of which must be mixed with 500ml of water before use to make a smooth applicable paste. Five separate containers help you manage your usage more effectively, as you may only need to use one container to dye smaller areas such as the tail or mane.
  2. To make one container of dye, simply add the powder to 500ml of water in the bucket, seal the lid firmly and shake until all powder has dissolved. When all powder is dissolved, start applying colour immediately using the sponge provided, starting where the horse is palest and avoiding the eye area and areas you do not wish to be coloured. If you wish to conceal a very pale area you may need to cover this area twice.
  3. After applying to pale areas, work the colour through the rest of the horse with the sponge, being quite generous with colour and massaging thoroughly. Once the horse is fully covered, leave the colour on for fifty minutes. A crust of colour may form, which is normal, so please do not rinse off until fifty minutes has elapsed.
  4. After fifty minutes, rinse horse thoroughly with warm water. Then generously apply and lather a rinse shampoo, and remove once again with water. Apply a conditioning crème if required and rinse again, making sure all products are removed from the animal.

Although Show Pony is low irritant and odourless, it is recommended that before applying the colour to your horse’s entire body, make sure you perform a skin test. Firstly mix a small portion of powder with water until a smooth paste is made, then apply to most tender area of the horse (for example, the soft flap of skin under the hip joint – see DVD). Leave for 48 hours then rinse thoroughly. If irritation occurs please do not continue using Show Pony colourants on your animal. Remember, there is a greater chance of you having a reaction to this product than your horse, so always wear gloves when handling the product.



Mane & Tail (1 bottle)        $33.00

Miniature Pony    (2 bottles)    $66.00

Pony    (3 bottles)    $99.00

Large Horse     (4 bottles)    $132.00

Hack     (5 bottles)    $165.00

All prices above include postage.


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