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Code Description Price Condition Photo

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M459 Trophy Bridle Bag - purple $35 Very Good
M458 Roma purple bridle bag $35 Good
  PONY SIZE      
BR167 Pony leather snaffle bridle.  No reins or noseband $10 Good
BR156 Pony weymouth bridle (not complete).  Older english leather bridle still in good condition and would be  a good bridle to use for parts or to add parts to, to complete the bridle. Missing cheek straps and browband, and rein set.   As such, bridle consists of headpiece, noseband, bradoon strap, 4 3/4" ring snaffle and 4 1/2" sliding portmouth curb bit, 1 rein (uneven length). $75 Good to very good - see description
  COB SIZE      


BR41 English double bridle Cob size. Black. No browband. Raised noseband.   $170 Very Good  
BR200 Jeremy & Lord Black Cob weymouth bridle.  Tried on but never ridden in. $140 As new see description
BR201 'Champion' full size weymouth bridle.  Plaited top rein.  New with tags.  Stamped on tag as a black bridle but looks Havanna brown.  English leather.  RRP $350 $200 New with tags
BR202 Hansome english leather full size weymouth bridle.  Havanna brown. $200 Superior
BR193 Jeremy and Lord full size brown dressage snaffle bridle with 'V' shaped browband with brass detail.  5" Tongue depresser bit.  No reins $130 Very good
BR191 Full size Bitless bridle.  Brown leather $35 Good
BR190 Full size black snaffle bridle (not reins and no hanovarian strap) $35 Good
BR187 Full size black weymouth (double) bridle.  No browband.  Plaited top rein.

I can't find a brand stamp but is nice quality like crosby etc.   Only been used about 6 times.

$200 Very good sale pending
BR172 Full size "Jefferies" made in england double bridle (missing bradoon strap).  Brown.  Wide nose and browband.   $110 Good  
BR165 Full size black leather snaffle bridle $30 Good
BR150 Full size white vinyl work bridle - no reins $20 Good
BR135 Full size Black snaffle bridle with hanavarian noseband $30 Good
BR125 Full size english leather weymouth bridle.  To suit large hack.  Brown.  Laced top rein, chin guard and lip strap. $380 Very Good
BR124 Full size weymouth bridle.  Brown leather with raised and stitched nose and brow band. $75 Good
BR100 "Horse Sense" PVC full size black and white snaffle bridle. $65 Good to Very Good
BR101 Full size leather snaffle work bridle. (Has been repaired)  No Reins  $20 Good
BR82 Full size nut brown english leather double bridle.  Slightly raised brow and nose band.  Stamped with "B" on top of headpiece - otherwise no others makers stamp, however is a quality, butter soft bridle.  (Photo shows bridle as being a dark brown, it is more of a nut brown colour). $430 Superior
BR09 Black leather snaffle bridle. Full size. Incomplete (no reins/no noseband) $22 Good  
M436 Blue sporting reins $10 Good
M434 New brown leather/cotton  reins with leather ring stoppers.  Full size $20 NEW
M435 2 pairs of lack leather/cotton pony size reins $25 Good
BR186 Cob/full size black leather rein $20 Very good
BR185 Cob/full size black leather rein $20 Very good
BR184 Cob/full size black leather rein $20 Very Good
BR180 2 brown reins (top indian, bottom english) plus 5 1/4" stainless steel pelham bit $35 Good
BR171 Black lead rein for Led bridle with brass buckles $25 Good to Very good
BR154 Cotton/leather  full size black reins $20 Very Good
BR155 Rubber/leather jump/event/race reins $15 Very Good
BR152 Full size brown leather rein set to suit weymouth bridle $45 Very Good
BR133 Leather stitched reins with rubber pimple grip backing.  Good quality leather and brass buckle. $30 Good
BR134 Rubber pimple grip reins (soft) $15 Good
BR122  Cob size - Black curb rein  -  English leather $40 Superior
BR109 Full size brown snaffle rein.  Web and leather $15 Very Good
BR110 Full size brown english leather reins to suit weymouth bridle.

Snaffle rein 12mm wide, Curb rein 10mm wide

$100 Very Good
BR99 German Padded reins.  Full size.  Havanna brown/black in colour $70 Very Good
JH39 Pelham rein. Full. Brown. $28 New  
BR73 Full size leather/webbing rein.  Black $15 Very Good
M227 Sporting/polocross reins $25 Very Good
BR166 Cob brown leather drop nose band $10 Good
M190 Noseband - English leather - dark brown.   Cob to full size. $40 Very good
BR139 Full size black Hannovarian noseband $15 good
BR136 Brown full size Hanovarian noseband $15 Good
JH35 Drop noseband. Pony. Brown. $15 New  
JH36 Cavesson. Pony. Black. $13 New  
BR104 Rolled leather brown leather noseband  -  Full size $25 Good

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