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     Site Updated:  5th February 2020
After much deliberation, I have decided to close my business Equestrian Gear Online within the next couple of months.

After 20 years of operation, I would like thank all the people who have sent me gear to sell on their behalf. Also a big thank you to all the people who have bought items over the years from me.

I will be contacting owners of the gear that I still have in the next couple of weeks, to organize the return of gear that hasn't sold.

If any buyers out there have had their eyes on any of the items I have listed, now is the time to purchase before they are returned to their respectful owners.

Any owners reading this that would like some or all of their gear donated to bushfire victims, let me know.

with thanks
Jane Lavelle
Equestrian Gear Online



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Ring for a detailed description of the items. These items are generally listed in chronological order.

Code Description Price Condition Photo

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Stock Whips available any length Made to your requirements.  This one photographed is 5'9" red hide with a plaited leather/bamboo shaft  

$115 NEW
S400 17 1/2"  Stubben Parzival RC saddle.  Monoflap - for close contact between rider and horse.

  Brown leather.  Unmounted but does included saddle cover    Gullet 30.5

This saddle has never been used,  so has just been in storage.


Now reduced to:


M620 Brumby Equestrian Products - Red Pro Sports Boots - 1 pair

Size Medium (14hh- 15hh).   Made in Australia.  RRP  $115

$50 Very Good
M621 Brumby Equestrian Products - Red Pro Sports Boots - 1 pair

Size Medium (14hh- 15hh).   Made in Australia.  RRP  $115


$50 Very good
M618 Pro Choice Flexible Ice Cells - 4 Sheets    RRP $55 $35 Very good
M616 Woof Wear set of 4 White Brushing boots with ergonomic strike pad.

New but shop soiled.

Hind leg size "XL" (RRP $90)  - New with tags

 Front leg size "L"  (RRP  $50) - New but out of packaging

$80 Superior/New
M612 Oster Clip master Large Animal Clippers.  Includes carry case, blades, sleather blade guard, clipper oil $350 Very Good
S399 17 1/2" KN Concerto Dressage saddle.  Black.  Unmounted.

Measurements of channel:  front 14cm, middle 7cm,  back 5.5cm

Flap length 41cm, width 33cm

$1800 Very good
S398 16-16 1/2" Brown leather Stock saddle - NOT Indian leather.  Includes leathers and surcingle.

Has had repairs done on knee pads

$400 Good to very good
S397 15" Kincade All purpose saddle - black.  Includes leathers and irons, and has adjustable knee blocks. $160 Good to very good


6'6"  Weatherbeeta navy doona stable rug.  Repaired at front chest strap otherwise in very good condition $50 Very good - see description


6'6"  (tagged 6'9) Navy wool rug with red and white binding - has repairs $35 Good
R235 5'6" Kersey wool rug - navy with red trim $45 Good
R216 4'3"  Skye park Ripstop cotton combo.  Green check.  Has been repaired and neck rug closures are broken - otherwise in good condition $35 Good - see description
R217 4'6" Wool rug.  Navy with pink/blue trim and stripe.  Lined in shoulder area $50 Good to very good
R237 Aleppo quilted pony size bib.  New with tags - RRP $30 $15 New
R225 Size XL  to suit Full size  -  Lycra skinny hood with underbelly strap - electric blue $35 Good to very good
R227 'My Tac' Medium size to fit cob, pink lycra skinny hood with chest/belly band $30 Good
R233 Cob size hood - black with green trim.  Rug attachments $35 Superior
R231 Cob size hood - Moleskin material- cream , white and black binding $35 Superior
R224 Cob size - Cotton Hood and tail bag.  Navy with blue horse print and white trim on binding $25 Good
R232 "Igloo" - Made in Australia, Polar fleece navy neck rug.  Lined mane area $30 Very good
R226 Skye Park ripstop tail bag.  Cream with navy binding

New with tags  RRP $26

$10 New with tags
R236 Navy cotton tail bag to suit cob/full $10 good
R228 Quarter sheet - polar fleece with multi coloured star pattern. $20 Good to very good
M619 Set of 4 Blue neoprene splint boot to suit Large Pony/Galloway.  Velcro worn but still working $25 Good
M613 Roma Neoprene splint cushion boots.  New in packaging.  Size small. Black.

RRP $39.99

$25 New in packaging
M628 Roma set 4 puple elastic bandages $20 Very good
M627 Roma set 4 pink elastic bandages $20 Good
M626 Purple elastic bandages - set of 4.  Has some wear $10 Good
M625 Red Polar fleece bandages - set of 4 $10 Good
M624 Mustard Coloured elastic bandages - set of 4 $15 Very good
M623 Horze - 1/2 Polar fleece  and 1/2 elastic, white bandages - set of 4 $20 Good
M622 White Elastic Bandages - set of 4 $20 Good
M615 Eskadron Cream Polar fleece bandages.  Set of 4 - New in packaging  RRP $60 $35 New
M638 Full size black leather headstall.  Stamped Australia Made.

Well made and quality leather.  Has name plate of horse on side that can be removed

$45 Very good
M634 Black Anti Gall lunge roller with blue elastic side reins.

This unit has a lot of adjustment so would fit various sizes

$55 Good
M635 Terry Towelling lunge pad to go under roller.  Navy with yellow horse print binding $35 Very good
M640 Lunge lead - Blue $20 Good
M639 Lunge lead - Red $20 Good
N250 Dense Memory foam  in shape of 1/2 saddle.  Black.  Great for relieving pressure points $50 Very good to superior
N248 Waldhausen sky blue saddlecloth with navy/white contrast trim. Quilted. $35 Very good
N242 18 1/2"  inside roll or size "L"  - Riviera 1/2 pad with quilted cotton back and 100% sheepskin underneath.  Cream fleece.

Built in high wither area for comfort. 

Marks on cotton side (see picture), however fleece in very good condtion

$80 Very good
N245 "Prestige Italia" Black quilted saddlecloth- full size.  Made in Italy $45 Very good
N240 ANKY Technical Pad.  White tactile suede on top, underside is 'Coolmax for optimal moisture management'.      RRP   $100.  New without tags $60 New without tags
N241 Riviera white quilted saddle cloth with gold rope trim

Saddle mark where girth does up, otherwise in very good condtion

$25 Very good
N244 16 - 16 1/2" Rams cream 1/2 numnah with quilted back and cut out wither  area.

1 hole in in quilted area but this does not affect the fleece - could be easily repaired

$50 Good - see description
N246 "Back on Track" Contender 11 Ultra Thin Line saddle pad.  Adjustable as able to insert shims.

Dirty on underside and some marks on quilting.  RRP $280

$120 Good to very good
N249 Romaa white Pony quilted saddlecloth.  Stained underneath, otherwise in good condition $20 Good
Gi132 61cm or 24" Wintec white Anti gall girth with cream sheepskin girth cover $60 Very good
M633 53.5cm or 21" Cream sheepskin girth cover $35 Superior
M632 102cm or 40"      "Mr Sheeskin" - New black girth cover.

 100% Australian wool.    RRP  $50

$30 New
Gi133 81cm or 32", Wintec Brown Stock Saddle Girth - Anti Gall $35 Very good
Gi134 70cm or 28" Equiprene Contoured anti gall girth - black $45 Very good
Gi135 66cm or 26" Wintec black Anti Gall girth.  Wear in 1 small area otherwise in good condition $30 Good
M630 Dublin padded saddle bag, navy and blue.  Generous size.  Has dust marks, otherwise in very good condition $40 As per description
M631 Dublin padded saddle bag, navy and blue.  Generous size.  Has dust marks, otherwise in very good condition $40 As per description
M641 "In-Sync Halters"  14mm, 10' polyester leat with detachable snappy $20 New with tag
M642 Western horsemanship lead- detachable snappy $10 Good
Bi220 5" Brass Rearing bit with leather strapping $35 Good
Bi221 5 1/2" Korsteel Stainless steel rearing bit with black PVC strapping $35 Very good
F161 54cm Champions false tail.  Dark liver/Brown, double thickness.  Includes false tail bag $130 Good to very good
M663 "Hunting Wood" Plastic Rein coat for competition  with matching helmet cover.  Suit up to ladies 10/12 $25 Very good
M662 Sheepskin grooming Mit -  Cream $20 Good - Makeup marks
M656 15 x Rug chest straps - some leather , some PVC $6 each Good
M657 7 pairs of rug/hood elastic connecting straps with clips $6 each pair Good to very good
Bi223 5 1/2" Egg Butt jointed snaffle with curved mouthpiece.  Stainless steel $20 Very Good
Bi225 5 1/2" Korsteel double jointed ring snaffle $20 Good
M652 Brass chain with 2 clips to attach to bit $10 Good (dirty)
M653 PVC with brass hardwear - double clip to attach to bit $10 Very good
M650 Adult stainless steel dummy spurs $35 Very Good
M651 Adult stainless steel dummy spurs and stitched spur straps with diamontes $50 Very Good
M646 Black stitched, stirrup leathers (good quality leather).  58" or 147cm

Plus 5" Korsteel irons (rubber tread worn)

$80 Very good
M647 4 1/4" Peacock safety irons (stainless steel)  and rubber tread $25 Good
N252 Riviera White quilted dressage saddlecloth.  Superior condition on top, marked underneath $35 See Description
BR252 Full size Black snaffle bridle with comfort padded poll.  Browband and noseband also padded.  Flash strap on noseband is removable.  No Reins $45 Very Good sale pending
M644 Black Web Draw Reins $10 Good
M654 5 1/2" or 14cm curb chain - stainless steel $10 Very good
M655 9 1/2" or 24cm curb chain - stainless steel $10 Very good
LC347 Alexander James ladies 14 Green tweed jacket with mustard and red window check.  Picked edges, and double vented.  100% wool.   Navy velvet collar $200 Good to very good
LC349 Ascot ladies 14 Navy wool jacket.  Made in Australia.  Double vented, and button holed sleeves.  Gold buttons - missing top one on front of jacket. $160 Very good
LC350 Shire Equestrian Wear Ladies 14 (36") Tails.  Black with gold trim and yellow false bunny ears.

New with tags....RRP  $400, however lining of tails is  cracking /peeling (would not see this when on horse)

$180 New with tags - as per description


Ariat size XL - to suit lady 14-16-18.  Green jacket with flower print lining $80 Very good to superior
LC346 Ariat ladies jacket to suit 14-16.  Baby blue quilted

Outside in very good condition.  Inside lining has seam repaired and stain otherwise in good condition

$50 See description
LC344 Drizabone Aussie Ranger Jacket.  Size 3 to suit lady up to size 12/14.  Blue with brown leather collar.  Pockets inside and out, drawstring waist for shape. $80 Good to very good
M658 Full Black leather rings $20 Good
M660 New - Full size Black leather rings $20 New without tag
Bi224 5" FM Snaffle bit - stainless steel $20 Very good
J757 Peter Williams Ladies 12-14 (tagged 14) White jodhpur.  Full seat sticky bum

Zipper puller missing, but zipper still works

Waist 70cm, Inside leg 72cm, Hem 6cm

$35 Good - see description
J756 K Ritchie ladies 12 White breech.  Full seat sticky bum.  Front has pleats and pockets

High quality Breech

Waist 77cm, Inside leg 6cm

$90 Superior
J755 Peter Williams  Tagged -Ladies 12 (suit size 10/12) White breech. 

Stretchy ribbed material with full seat sticky bum.

Waist 66, Inside leg 64cm

$45 Very good
J758 Peter Williams ladies 14 White Breech with full seat sticky bum. 

Some saddle marks on inside of leg and pilling on sticky bum as can be seen in photo

Waist 74cm, Inside leg 61cm

$35 Good
J759 Ascot ladies 12 sticky bum jodhpur

Waist 75cm, Inside leg 72cm, Hem 5cm

$35 Veru good
J760 ELT ladies 12 Breech - Blue check with full seat sticky bum.

Waist 76cm,  Inside leg 68cm

$35 Good
T188 Windsor Satin stock.  Cream.  Size S $20 Very good
T187 "Carrington" Cotton stock.  White with pattern $20 Very good
T186 "Cravats of England" silk tie, made in England.  Red with blue spotss $20 Very good
SH369 Windsor ladies 16 baby blue ratcatcher shirt - short sleeve $35 Very good
SH370 Equetech ladies 12 white cotton shirt with sleeves and pocket trim in navy with white polka dots $35 Very Good
SH367 K Ritchie ladies 14 pale pink shirt with white stripe.  Lovely quality material $35 Very good
SH368 Windsor Apparel ladies 14 baby blue shirt with navy pinstripe $35 Very good
V290 Thomas Cook size XS to suit ladies 8 or child 12/14 - Reversible quilted vest.  Navy/Hot pink $30 Very good
V291 Vest (no brand tag) to suit ladies 8 or child 12/14

Black reversible with embroidered horses on back both ways.  Microfibre/suede feel on one side and polar fleece on other side

$20 Very good
SH354 Thomas Cook PJ's  with horse print.  Child size 12 $25 Good to very good
SH362 Joules PJ's to suit child size 7-8 years.   Pale blue with horse print $25 Very good
SH331 Wagners cotton shirt to suit child size 6 (tagged 8 but is small).  Baby blue check. $40 Superior
SH334 Child size 12 Ratcatcher shirt.  Baby pink with blue/green/red stripe.   100% cotton.  Unknown brand $15 Good
SH351 Thomas Cook  to suit child size 10 (tagged 12 but small fit).  Blue/black/red long sleeve polo $25 Very good
SH345 Giddy Up Girl - tagged child size 10....more like an 8.    Navy, red and cream long sleeved rugby top $25 Very good
SH357 RM Williams 'Fillies' Long sleeve T shirt to suit child size 6-8 (tagged 8).   White with "Princess Cowgirl print $15 Good 1 small stain on arm


'Cruel Girl' Jumper  to suit child size 10-12 .  Grey / Pink,  with horse print $15 Good
SH358 Giddy Up Girl long sleeve polo shirt to suit child size 6-8 years.  Pink with detail and crown zip puller $25 Very good
SH337 Thomas Cook child size 8 long sleeved T-Shirt.  Navy with horse print and rainbow arms $15 Good to very good


Ariat jumper to suit child size 10.  Purple/pink but has faded slightly. $20 Good as per description
SH339 'Joules Original' Multi coloured jumper to suit child size 8-10 $25 Very good  


HH Equestrian - Child size 10 Pink polo shirt with frill neck $25 Very good
SH340 'Tom Joules' Pink and white Polo shirt to suit child size 8-10 years $20 Good to very good


Wrangler child size 10-12 Navy and green horse T-shirt $20 Very good
SH341 'Tom Joules'  Polo shirt to suit child 12-14yrs (tagged 11-12 years)

Purple with floral insert, and on back reads "Elephant Polo 3"

$20 Good
S396 16" Stubben Maestoso De Luxe 'Show'  saddle.  Black leather.  Gullet 32  or wide.




Very good
S395 16 1/2" Wintec synthetic black saddle.  Easy change gullet system and currently has a red gullet  (Wide).       Unmounted. $200 Good
M601 Child Pink belt with navy horses and crowns  100cm $15 Very good
M609 Ariat black Concord gaitor.  Size XST

Lovely soft smooth leather on outside of leg and suede on inside of calf

$70 Very Good
J734 Giddy Up Girl  Jodhpurs to suit child size 6 (tagged size 8).  Pink with star pattern.

Waist 54cm, Inside leg 54cm

$30 Very good
J737 Lyndi J child size 8 Pink patterned jodhpurs with purple belt keepers and knee pads.

Waist 56cm, Inside leg 65cm

$30 Very good - had very little use
J739 Peter William child size 6 Pull on jodhpur.  Navy/pink

Waist 50 - 60 cm, Inside leg 58cm, Hem 6cm.      Small hole in crutch otherwise in good condition

$20 Good
J732 Thomas Cook child size 8 Navy pull on jodhpur with pink embroidered horse on back pockets

Waist 58cm, Inside leg 63cm.    Slightly faded

$20 Good
J741 Peter William child size 10 jodhpur.  Navy stretch material with gel knee grips.  Red and silver detail on jods.  Silver bit above front pocket.

Waist 62c,  Inside leg  70cm

$40 Very good
J751 Thomas Cook child size 8 pull on jodhpur.  Purple with pink pattern and knee patch,

Waist 56-66cm.  Inside leg 59cm, Hem 5cm

$30 Very good
J753 Lyndi J  child size 10 Navy Denim stretch jod woth pink detail

Waist 62cm,  Inside leg 71cm

$30 Very good
J740 Lyndi J (Australia)  child size 8 jodhpur.  Denim stretch material with pink detail

Waist 62-70cm,  Inside leg 65cm  (A couple of marks on jods otherwise in good condition)

$25 Good
J733 Lyndi J (Australia) child size 8 navy jodhpur with red trim and knee patch

Waist 57cm, Inside leg 62cm Hem 6cm.  Slightly faded otherwise in good condition

$25 Good
J735 Lyndi J - Australia  jodhpurs to suit child size 8-10.  Navy with red.

Waist 60cm, Inside leg 67cm, Hem 6cm

$20 Good
J742 Giddy Up Girl child size 8 cream stretch jodhpur.  Full sticky bum seat.

Waist 56c,,  Inside leg 61cm, Hem 4cm

$25 Very Good
J731 Thomas Cook child size 8 Banana sticky bum jodhpurs

Small hole near crutch and is missing zip puller on pocket .

Waist 65cm, Inside leg 63cm (have been let down so no hem)

$25 Fair to good - as per description
SH333 ELT ladies 8/10 white stretch ratcatcher shirt.  1 slight stain on left sleeve otherwise in very good condition $25 Very good


Showstoppers Boys Turnout jacket to suit 8-10 years.   Beautiful woollen fabric with picked edges, button holed sleeves.  Single vented and fabric covered buttons $150 Very good
GC383 Arjuna Park Tailor jacket to fit approximate 12/14 years (short/wide fit)

Navy with fine blue window check.  Inserted navy velvet collar and pocket trim.  Double vented.

$70 Very good
GC382 Horka child size 12 (approximately)

Navy stretch jacket with white piping on collar and pockets.  Diamonte buttons on front (1 missing)  Perfect for showjumping

$70 Good
GC384 Alexander James 24" jacket to suit 4-6 years.  Green tweed with navy velvet collar and pocket trim.  Mustard/red window check.  Double vented.

This jacket has been shortened

$110 Good to very good
J750 John Whitaker White Breech to suit ladies 8 or child 14.  White with red and navy detail

Waist 64cm, Inside leg 67cm

$40 Very good
J730 Horka Riding Wear,  White Breech to suit ladies 8 or child 12/14.

Waist 65cm, Inside leg 64cm

$35 Good to very good
J749 Ladies 8 or child 14 Off White Breech with full sticky bum.  Some marks otherwise in good condition

Waist 70cm, Inside leg 66

$20 Good
J729 Saxon jodhpurs to suit child 8-10 years (tagged 12).  Banana sticky bums. Some saddle marks on inside of legs otherwise in very good condition

Waist 60cm, Inside leg 59cm, Hem 5cm

$30 Good to very good sale pending
J738 QJ Riding Wear Breech to suit Ladies 8 or child 12/14.  Navy with red detail.  Full seat sticky bum (pilling) $30 Good
J752 ELT Breech to suit ladies 8 or child 14.  Brown with fine black check.  Pilling on sticky bum.

Waist 62cm,  Inside leg 69cm

$15 As per description
J747 Windsor Apparel child size 6 banana jod

Waist 43cm,  Inside leg 58cm, Hem 3cm

$35 Superior
J748 Nag Wear child size 8 banana jodhpur

Waist 56cm, Inside leg 64cm,  Hem  2 1/2cm

$35 Very Good sale pending
J743 Thomas Cook Jodhpur to suit child 10-12 years.  Cream with full sticky bum.  Some marks otherwise good condition $20 Good
J745 RM Williams - Colts - child size 6, cream moleskin/jean.  Elastic adjustable waist at back.  Waist can stretch from 50 to 65cm.  Inside leg  59cm.  Slight stain on knees otherwise very good condition $35 Very good
J744 Wrangler size 9 slim Cream jean/moleskin trouser

Waist 54cm,  Inside leg 63cm

$25 Very good
J746 DG Westener ladies 8 Beige jodhpur

Waist 56cm, Inside leg 82cm, Hem 4cm

$25 Good
SH355 Ryda ladies 8 ratcatcher shirt.  Pale blue with stripe.  White collar and cuffs $20 Good
V287 Ascot child size 6 Mustard coloured wool vest.  Missing top button $25 Very good - see description
V286 Wagners child size 8 wool vest.  Mustard colour with gold crest buttons $45 Good
V288 Pretty Ponies vest to suit child 5-6 years.  Mustard colour. Wool front, satin backed.  Pearl buttons - 1 missing $15 Good
T185 "Ponies on Ponies" tie.  Navy with silver stars.  Permanent knot with velcro attachment at back of neck $10 Very good
SH365 Windsor childs size 4 blue shirt $35 Very good
SH328 Windsor blue shirt to suit child size 6-8 yrs (tagged size 10 but too small to be a true size 10) $30 Very good to Superior
SH349 Thomas Cook child size 12 long sleeve T-shirt.  Navy with silver and pink horses $20 Good
SH363 RM Williams 'Fillies', child size 14  long sleeved T-Shirt.  White/purple with Diamonte RM Horn Logo $20 Good
SH364 Child size 14 RM Williams 'Fillies' T-Shirt.   Pink and white stripe with 'Fillies' written in Green Diamontes $15 Good
SH360 Yeramba Equestrian ratcatcher shirt to suit child 14 or ladies 8.  Lemon coloured Air Wick material with white collar.  Australian made. $25 Very good
M608 Lycra skinny hood to suit big pony/galloway $20 Good
LC342 "Fourganza" ladies navy stretch jacket to suit size 10-12.   Tagged UK 12, EU40.    White piping on collar and pockets.

Ideal showjumping jacket

$80 Very good
BT166 RM Williams 6H CF  Brown leather boot with welted sole.  Has had sole protector and steel cap toes put underneath to protect boots.

Elastic stretched and normal scuff marks from wear

Toe to heel 28.5cm

$75 Good as per description
BT167 RM Williams child size 4 brown leather boot.  Elastic stretched and normal scuff wear

Toe to heel 22.5cm

$40 Good
BT168 Ariat child roper boots - brown leather.    

Heel to toe 23cm

$30 Good
BT169 Ariat child Roper Boots.  Stamped size:  US 4, UK 3, EUR 35.5

Has some white pain on boots but still in good condition for work boots

Toe to heel 35cm

$30 Good - see description
BR251 Full size  stitched snaffle bridle with double poll. Lovely soft leather.

 Includes 5 1/2" JP Sweet Iron bit, but no rein.

$60 Very good
M602 Red V neck jumper to suit child 8 yrs $15 Good
M603 'William Shaw' Red V neck wool jumper.  A couple of small moth holes. $20 Good
M604 Red V neck wool vest to suit child 8-10 years $25 Good to very good
LC341 Louis Epstein ladies 10 wool jacket. Navy with blue fleck.  Single vented with button holed sleeves.

This jacket cut and fabric is beautiful and would make an excellent turnout jacket if someone was willing to hand pick it.   Photo does not do fabric or jacket any justice

$230 Very good to superior
V285 Louis Epstein ladies 10 Wool vest.  Cream with navy check.  Navy pearl buttons.

Chest across 47cm,  Length of back  43.5cm

$105 Very good
J727 Louis Epstein Ladies 10 Wool Turnout breech.  Leather Knee patch.  Buttons and button holed leg.   Hand picked.

Waist 69cm,  Inside leg  62cm

Beautiful quality turnout breech however do have professional repairs made to moth holes and slight stain on back of breech.   Still very acceptable condition for ag shows etc, just not turnout.

$45 See description
G58 Medium size ladies turnout glove.  Minor leather marks as per photo $45 Good to very good
G57 Medium size ladies turnout glove. $45 Very good
G56 Medium size ladies turnout glove.  Slight stain on palm otherwise in very good condition $45 Good to very good
J719 HV POLO Brown breech size 38 or ladies size 10.  Sticky bum

Waist 74cm,  Inside leg 67cm

LC332 Andy Ellis Black Wool Tails.  Black and White Houndstooth false vest 'Bunny Ears".  Tails have weights.

Beautiful quality tails as expected from this Tailor

$ TBA Superior
LC335 Wagners lades 10 navy self patterned wool blend jacket.  Button holed sleeves, picked edges, Black and Silver crest buttons.  Double vented $280 Very good
GC381 Showstoppers Equestrian Wear Wool jacket, size 13-14 years.

Fabric is a shiny silvery/charcoal colour with fine check.  Silver crest buttons and double vented.

This jacket has had little use.

$250 Superior
LC339 Show Stoppers Equestrian Wear - Ladies 10  Cutaway Tweed Jacket.

Olive green tone with Navy/Green/Red.  Navy velvet collar and pocket trim.  Double vented.

$260 Very Good
LC338 "Evelyn Park Accessories" - Ladies 12 Navy jacket - Dormeuil fabric.

  Navy velvet collar.  Red trim on collar and pockets.  Gold buttons. Double vented

$130 Very good
GC378 "Mears" - made in England, child size 22" Navy jacket.    Double vented $170 Very Good
GC377 "Designer Browbands" Made in England, child size 8 wool jacket.

Navy with blue fleck, and rust pinstripe.  Inserted navy velvet collar and navy fox head buttons.  Double vented. 

Velvet slightly faded otherwise in good condition

$160 Good- see description
LC337 Wagners tweed wool jacket.  To suit ladies 8 or child 14

Olive/Brown colour with red and rust fine window check.  Navy velvet collar with Mustard coloured trim.  Antique look crest buttons and button holed sleeves

$280 Very Good photo to come
GC376 "Evelyn Park Accessories"   child size 8 (tagged 10 but small)

Green Jacket with Brown plaited leather look buttons and Navy Velvet pocket  and collar.  Double vented.

$140 Very good
SH326 Wagners ladies 10 Pale lemon shirt.  Beautiful soft fabric, but does have black make up on cuff $30 Good
SH325 Hurlford Rider size "M" (approximately ladies 10/12)   Competition shirt.

White Cotton stretch T shirt with White cotton shirt type bib and collar

$35 Good to very good
SH324 Hurlford Rider size "M" (approximately ladies 10/12)   Competition shirt.

Navy Cotton stretch T shirt with Navy/White Gingham bib. White collar. 

$35 Good to very good
M599  Black leather gaitors.  Can't find brand stamp, however are nice quality.

Calf  36cm,  Outside leg  46cm,  Back of leg  42cm

$75 Very good
LC331 Ascot Equestrian ladies 14 Navy jacket with self pinstripe.  Navy velvet collar and gold trim.  Double vented $130 Good
LC336 Windsor ladies 14 Navy jacket with navy velvet collar and gold trim.  Gold horse head buttons. Double vented $130 Very Good
LC334 Windsor ladies 14 Black jacket with Black velvet collar and gold trim.  Gold horse head buttons.  Double vented $130 Very Good
GC380 Andy Ellis wool jacket to suit child 12/14 yrs.   Navy with faint blue check (lovely fabric). Single vented.    Does have mark on left arm $90 Good - See description
LC340 Windsor ladies 16 Navy Jacket.  Velvet navy collar (faded) with gold piping on edge.  Gold buttons and double vented $100 Good- see description
LC333 Tagg ladies 12 Navy tweed jacket with dark red and electric blue window check.  Inserted velvet collar and pocket trim.    Wool/Poly blend.  Double vented $90  
V283 Wagners ladies 12 wool vest.     Chest 90cm

Cream with grey and black check.  Pearl buttons.           In very good condition apart from 1 tiny moth hole

$60 Very good -see description
V282 Royal Competitor ladies 12 vest.  Cream with grey check.       Chest 92cm $60 Superior
V280 Windsor ladies 12 Navy vest with gold horse head buttons     Chest 100cm $60 Superior
V284 Tailor made lades 12 Red vest.  Gold crest buttons.         Chest 98cm

Has some black marks and sweat marks under armpits

$25 Fair
SH323 Showstoppers shirt tagged 38  .  Navy and White stripe with white collar and cuffs $35 Good to very good
J724 DG Westener ladies 10 gold jodhpurs with full seat sticky bum.

Waist 70cm,   Inside leg  83cm,  Hem  4cm

$40 Good
J723 Buckskin ladies 12 Breech - Mango colour with Brown full seat sticky bum.

Waist 74cm,    Inside leg  61cm            

Has marks throughout breech, otherwise in very good condition

$35 see description
J722 DG Westener gold breech with full seat sticky bum.

Waist  68cm,     Inside leg 70cm.     Some saddle marks

$50 Good
J720 Dublin ladies 12     -    "Performance Cool It Gel Riding Breech"

Full Gel Seat.  Gold/Wheat colour.     4 Way stretch

Waist 76cm or stretched 90cm,      Inside leg 64cm

$70 Very good
J725 Dublin ladies 12 Navy pull on breech.   Full gel seat.

Waist  74cm or stretched  86cm,          Inside leg 62cm

$60 Very Good
J718 DG Westener ladies tagged 12 but more like a size 10 breech.  Pale wheat colour with sticky bum

Waist 68cm    Inside leg 65cm                      Saddle marks

$35 Good apart from saddle marks
J726 Dublin ladies 12 cream breech with sticky bum

Waist 76cm,      Inside leg  68cm      Some saddle marks on inside of leg

$45 Good as per description
M598 Leather chaps with fringed sides.  Adult - size large $80 Very good
BT165 Baxter black leather boots.  Leather welted sole

Toe to Heel  26cm.

$280 Very good to Superior
J704 K Ritchie ladies 10 high waisted Gold breech  (More gold colour than picture shows) $75 Very good
J717 Buckskin jodhpur to suit child 10/12.  Navy pull-on.

Some pilling on inside of calf, and 2 small holes and pulls in fabric below waistband on back

Waist 62cm or stretched is 76cm, Inside leg 73cm,  Hem 2cm

$25 See description
J716 Jodz jodhpur to suit child 10/12.  Stretchy ribbed fabric, dark purple colour

Waist 64cm, Inside leg 77cm, Hem 3.5cm

$40 Very good
J715 K Ritchie ladies 16 cream high waisted jodhpur. 

Dye from saddle on inside of thigh, otherwise in very good condition.

Waist 76cm, Inside leg 78cm, Hem 4cm

$50 Good- see description
J714 John McDougall ladies jodhpurs to suit ladies 8/10 (although tagged 14).  Banana sticky bum.

Waist 62cm, Inside leg 83cm, Hem 6cm

$50 Good to very good
J713 Ladies 12 Nag Wear wheat coloured sticky bum jodhpur.  Has some saddle marks.

Waist 69cm, Inside leg 83cm, 4cm hem

$45 Good
S391 17"  Bates Caprilli saddle unmounted.  Gullet has been changed to Medium Wide. $1220 Very good
Gi129 107cm  Olympic Fitzwilliam turnout girth.  Brown.  Only used for turnout classes $140 Superior
Gi128 100.5cm or 39.5"  Supreme fitzwilliam girth. 

Has been shortened and has rust on buckles

$70 Good
Gi127 114cm or 45"  Olympic black leather Fitzwilliam turnout girth $145 Superior
BB116 15 1/2"  Brown leather dressage shaped browband, with diamonte front. 

Is new without tags as is an unwanted prize.

$55 New
M592 Full size headstall.  Navy blue with pattern.   New without an unwanted prize so never used but does have some marks from sitting in tack room $15 New
M594 Oster clipper blades.  Size 15  3/64.  1.2mm  Suits all A5 and power pro clippers.   New in packaging $65 New


6'  Summer blue cotton rug with tail bag  attachment -velcro $40 Good


6'  Summer Flag combo $35 Very Good


6'  Koolcoat summer ripstop cotton rug $30 Very good


6'  Ripstop cotton combo $50 Very good


6'3  Koolcoat ripstop combo. $55 Good to very good


6'3  Maroon Doona combo.  Ripstop outer, poly fill.  Missing 1 leg strap $85 Very good
R210 Kool coat neck rug, cotton ripstop with attachments.  Tagged Full size but more like a cob size.  New without tags. $25 New
R209 Full size Flag hood with attachments $25 Very good
R201 Aleppo cob size skinny hood (ears only).  Black $15 Very good
Gi130 70cm  Wintec brown anti gall girth $35 Very good
M595 Crosby Brown webbed back stirrup leathers  152cm $85 Very good
M593 "Equestrian" 20mm spurs.  Never rust. $20 New in package
M596 Full size lunge roller with side reins $45 Very good
Bi212 5 1/2" French snaffle with copper middle piece $30 Very good
Bi211 5 1/4"   Dublin -  Tom Thumb stainless steel bit $30 Superior
Bi214 5 1/4"  Loose ring double jointed snaffle $30 Very good
Bi213 4 3/4" Egg butt snaffle $30 Very good
Bi216 5" Waterford loose ring snaffle.  German silver mouth piece, stainless steel rings. $30 Superior
Bi215 5"  Loose ring gold snaffle - hollow $30 Good
M597 Neoprene travel tail wrap, cob size $10 Superior
BR250 Cob/Full size Brown leather rein with reddish tinge $15 Good
BR249 Cob/Full size Brown leather rein with reddish tinge $25 New
BR248 Cob/Full work reins - web/leather with stoppers $25 New
BR247 Cob/Full work reins - web/leather with stoppers $25 New
BR246 Set of double reins - Havanna brown 40 Very good
S390 17" Fairfax black dressage saddle.  Monoflap.  Medium wide gullet.  

Includes stirrup leathers and irons (not in picture) and Fairfax saddle cover



Very Good
GC374 25" Foxley navy jacket.  100% wool.  Self patterned fabric with navy velvet collar (slightly faded).   Navy foxhead buttons.  Double vented. $150 Good to very good photo to come
GC375 Navy jacket to suit 6 yrs approximately.  Self patterned fabric with Diamonte buttons and matching Diamonte French Collar. $150 Good to very good
BT162 RM Williams 6+G Chestnut Yearling Craftsman boot. 

Only used for turnout classes a couple of times. RRP $499

$380 Superior
J709 Peter Williams banana sticky bum jodhpurs.

Waist 72cm,  Inside leg 82cm

$65 Very good
J710 Dublin child size 10 Banana pull on Jodhpur

Waist 68cm to 80cm when stretched.  Inside leg 70, Hem 2cm

$40 Good to very good
SH319 Wagners ladies 8 Turnout shirt.  White self patterned fabric worn once. $100


SH322 Wagners child size 10 white turnout shirt $70 Good
SH321 Shirt to suit ladies 10 - baby blue with fine white pinstripe. $35 Very good
M587 Red Wool blend V neck jumper for pony clubs

Size M/16  made by Hard Yakka

$40 Very good
LC330 Ascot Equestrian ladies 10 Navy self patterned fabric jacket.  Navy velvet collar with cream piping.  Double vented. $130 Superior


Brown Tweed jacket  34" chest.  Double vented.  Bronze fox head buttons.  Dormeuil fabric. $200 Good to very good
J712 Pull on Jodhpur - Beige.  To suit child 12/14

waist 64cm to 80cm when stretched,  Inside leg 79cm, Hem 6cm

$20 Very good
J711 'VC' Jodhpur to suit child 12/14.  Beige ribbed fabric. $30 Good to very good
M589 Assorted helmet covers @ $12 each $12 each Very good
M591 Wagner Stitched spur straps for little boot - 33cm total length and only 7mm wide ,  so very dainty.  Brown.  1 Keeper is coming undone but just needs a couple of stitches to rectify. $30 Good to very good
T183  Tie  :-  Gold/red/blue/green tones with leaves as design $20 Very good
T182 Sportscraft  100% silk Italian tie.  Purple with fine pale yellow dot  (but has an overall silvery look) $20 Good to very good
N238 TPC  saddlecloth $35 Very good
BT163 Konigs 'SIR'  black top boots to suit ladies 8-9.

Includes Trees, pullers, boot bag.          Purchased new in 1996 for $900 and had little use.

Measurements:   Heel to Toe  29cm.   Calf 43cm,  Inside leg to floor 46cm, Outside leg 50.5cm

$550 Very Good
GC373 "Exclusive English Design by 'Showing Selection' ".   Childs 14 or may suit ladies 8.   

Green tweed with brown window check, and navy inserted collar.  Double vented.

$280 Very Good
SH320 Blue Dog ladies 12 white shirt.  Beautiful self patterned fabric.

New without tags.

$40 New without tags
J708 Peter Williams Ladies 12L banana sticky bum jodhpurs

Waist 68cm, Inside leg 78cm, Hem 5cm

$80 Very Good
N235 17"   'Bartl'  Brown 1/2 numnah.  Made in Germany.  Genuine sheepskin with quilted back. 

Thin roll of fleece around saddle with fleece wither protector.   New without tags

$100 New without tags
M585 Roma full sheepskin paddock boots  (1 strap needs stitching) $20 Fair
SH317 Thomas Cook ladies 18 White Event Tee.  Stretch air wicking material.  New with tags but has mark on shoulder (shop soiled)   RRP  $45.95 $30 New with tags - see details
LC326 Pretty Ponies ladies 16 green tweed jacket with red/rust and purple/lilac overcheck.  Double vented.  Navy foxhead buttons $280 Very Good
LC329 Ariat ladies jacket to suit 14-16.  New with tags.

Navy double vented jacket with fine blue/red window check.

$250 New with tags
LC327 Windsor ladies 16 Wool blend navy jacket.  Navy self patterned fabric with navy velvet collar and gold trim.  Navy gold crest buttons $210 Good
LC328 Windsor ladies 14 navy single vented jacket.  Navy velvet collar.  Silver buttons on front and 2 on back $120 Good
LC325 Ascot Outfitters Australia Black jacket with fine grey/red pinstripe.  Inserted black velvet collar with gold trim on collar and pockets (which may be removed)

Tag says ladies 14 but small size - more like a 12.

$100 Very good
LC324 K Ritchie (Melbourne) ladies 12-14 Tails.  Navy Wool Twill fabric, with gold crest buttons.  Lined tails.  Beautiful quality. Minimal use. $770 Superior
S386 17" KN Melodie.  Brown.  Unmounted.  Medium wide gullet. Made is Austria. $1540


Good to very good
GC372 Wagners child size 10 jacket.  Navy Dormeuil fabric which has a lovely self patterned finish.  Gold crest buttons, and button holed sleeves.  Double vented. $280 Very good
SH316 Tailor made ladies shirt to suit size 8-10.  White with navy/red stripe $45 Good
SH315 Showstoppers ladies 14 navy/white stripe shirt with collar detail. $45 Good
SH314 Tailor made ladies shirt to suit size 10/12.  White with red/navy stripe. $45 Good
SH313 Wagners ladies 14 red/white check ratcatcher shirt $60 Very good
SH312 K Ritchie (Melbourne) ladies 14, blue/white check ratcatcher shirt $45 Very good
J703 Montano Breech to fit ladies 8.  Leather full seat $60 Very good
M582 M. Decima brown leather gaiter.  Made in France.  Lovely leather and solid brass zipper.  Adult medium - email for measurements $80 Good to very good
M579 HV Polo pale blue polar fleece bandages - set of 4 $35 Very good
M576 Davis Barrier Boot.  Black size 3.  Brand new with tags. $35 New with tags
M578 HKM Comfort brushing boot, white, Large/full size.  $45  

Good to very good

M580 Blue Neoprene tail wrap $10 Very good
M583 Green set:                  Saddlecloth (embroidery of name can be unpicked)

Bridle (cob/small hack), rings, whip, fleece girth cover and 2 helmet covers

$100 set Good 
S384 17 1/2"  Peter Horobin black 'Liberty' saddle.  

Includes PH stirrup leathers, and 4 3/4" Stirrups - Grainge Fillis

This saddle has had minimal use.  Purchased new, receipt showing price at $5725. 



S383 18" D Stuart brown saddle.  Unmounted.  Medium gullet $280 Good
M573 42cm Wagners Turnout whip - black leather $90 Superior
V278 Childs 14 or ladies 8 Red Vest (no brand name but looks very similar to Wagners).  Gold crest buttons $65 Very good

32" Navy Wool Mini Tails.  Fine window check + red vest

$300 Very good
GC371 Andy Ellis child 14 brown tweed single vented jacket $125 Good
V277 Tailor made Boys/Mens vest - 40" chest.   Gold buttons.    Very well made. $80
Very good
V275 Ascot ladies 14 Mustard vest.  Wool front , satin backed, gold buttons $70 Very good
SH310 Wagners pale grey shirt child size 13.  Double cuffed.

New without tags but has some dust marks which will wash out

$50 New without tags
V276 Buckskin Ladies 10/12 banana Turnout vest.  Picked edges, pearl buttons $100 Superior
J702 RM Williams 34" Longhorn   -  sand/tan colour

Waist 86cm,   Inside leg 86cm.

New without tags.

$80 New without tags
J701 McDougall child size 10 cream turnout jodhpurs.  Machine detailed.

Waist 59cm,  Inside leg 71cm

$60  Good
GC368 K Ritchie child size 10 brown tweed jacket.  Single vented.  Hand picked. $80 Very good
GC369 Wagners child size 10 green tweed jacket.  Single vented. Picked edges.  Has moth holes so for low level showing or wet weather jacket. $40 See description
M572 Stock saddle leathers/irons/ and string girth $25 Fair
N227 16" Rafferty's Dark grey numnah with double thickness wool seat and leather backed flaps.  Fine wool edge.  (RRP $230) $140 Very good
N228 16 1/2" Rafferty's pale grey numnah - leather backed. $120 Good to Very good
N232 Zilco Full size white quilted saddlecloth $35 Good but has marks
LC320 Ascot ladies 16 Navy jacket, made in Australia.  Navy velvet collar with gold trim on collar and gold buttons (missing 1 on sleeve).  Picked edges and double vented. $200 Very good photo to come
LC319 Wagners ladies 16 Black pure wool jacket - turnout style.  Single vented, picked edges, button holed sleeves.

This jacket has had very limited use

$tba Superior
F150 59cm Champions Red Chestnut false tail - between single and double thickness $130 Very good  
F149 57cm Champions black false tail double thickness $150 Very good
F152  Black false tail double thickness - no brand $100 Good to very good
SH309 Windsor ladies size 8 short sleeve Ratcatcher shirt with matching stock.  Baby blue with pattern $70 New without tags
V274 Ascot ladies 8 mustard vest - wool front, satin backed. 

1 moth hole near V - can be seen in photo

$50 Good - see description
M570 ELT Paris jacket ladies size XS.   Cream with dark purple. 

1 zipper broken,  marks and Blackit on 1 sleeve.

$25 See description
S379 16 1/2" Vicky Ward - "The Classique Turnout" saddle.  Double stitched flaps, 3 point girth straps - stitched, covered buttons.  Medium gullet.

Complete with 132cm Fitzwilliam girth to suit, and stitched stirrup leathers (although these do have marks where been used on various holes). Turnout irons.  Homemade cotton cover.



Very good to Superior
M571 Tail bag - green/gold trim.  Tie in style rather than velcro $25 New without tags
M566 Adult turnout spurs with stitched straps (straps have wear) $40 Good to very good
M567 Top boot pullers $30 very good
M563 Ariat gaiters black - size Medium.  Style no: 9001 $80 Very good (photo does not do them justice
M564 Lycra Skinny hood to suit bit pony.  New without tags. Mauve colour $35 New without tags
J698 Windsor ladies size 14 banana jodhpurs with sticky bum.  Slight stains on legs $55 Good - see description
J700 Windsor ladies size 14 banana jodhpurs $55 Very good
J697 Lyndi J Austalia ladies size 16 jodhpurs with sticky bum.  Checked pattern in green/crea/pink.   Pilling on sticky bum other wise in very good condition $50  

Good to Very Good              

J699 Hotjods size 16 sticky bum jodhpurs $50 Very good
T176 Adult size Gold Satin Stock $35 Superior
T177 Adult size Mint green Stock with floral pattern $35  New without tags
SH307 Windsor Apparel size 16 long sleeved cream shirt $45 Superior
SH308 June Allard size 14 Ratcatcher short sleeve shirt - Mint green.  New without tags. $45 New with out tags
G53 Medium size adult glove - tan leather palm. $10 Fair
G55 Medium size adult glove - turnout style with leather palm $10 Fair
N226 15" Cream Numnah - wear at bottom of flap due to girth points otherwise in good condition $65 Good
M568 Large cob or small hack leather number holder - 2 tone brown $45 Good
GC367 Tailor made girls 14  navy double vented jacket with gold trim on collar. (Shorter/wider fit).  Plus a white long sleeve shirt. $60 Good to very good
BR244 Horka brown Grackle bridle.  Easy attach reins to bit and bit to cheek straps. Soft padded poll area. $125 Superior
BR242 Full size work synthetic hanovarian bridle.  Blue and white  - no reins $65 Good
F145 62cm Liver Chestnut false tails - no brand but good hair and well made.  Between a single and double. $90 Very good
M562 Full size english leather brown number holder.  Stitched and with detachable chest strap $70 Very good
N225 17" Auskin brown sheepskin full numnah with quilted back. $125 Very good
GC366 'Evelyn Park' child size 6  navy jacket  with navy velvet collar.  Red piping on collar and pockets. $120 Good to very good
GC363 'Equestrian Fashion' child size 6/8 Navy tweed jacket.  Fine blue and yellow window check.  Silver detailed buttons, and double  vented. $120 Very good
GC364 Child 6/8 Tailor made brown tweed jacket with navy collar and pocket trim. Navy plait buttons and double vented.  Please not the the lining is torn on underarm - otherwise in good condition $80 Good - see description
GC365 Child size 8  Tailor made navy jacket with gold crest buttons.  Double vented $80 Good to very good
Gi126 52cm 'Smith & Halcoop" black leather girth made in Australia $100 Very good
BR240 Full size english leather brown snaffle bridle.  No rein.  Broad noseband.  15" red/navy/diamonte browband $110 Very good
SH305 Wagners ladies 10 cream check shirt. 

Beautiful material, but collar  has wear

$20 Fair


Windsor child size 8 but is more like a size 6, red and white shirt $45 Superior
BR233 Wagners Pony size Black plain rein $65 Very good
BR232 Plaited english leather rein dark brown $45 Very good
BR234 Wagners cob/full curb rein oz nut brown colour $65 Very good
BR235 Wagners cob/full plain rein dark brown $60 Very good
M534 Oster Clipmaster Large Animal Clippers.   Includes carry case, 4 sets of blades, leather blade guard, clipper grease, instructions.  Had limited use. $375 Very good
M541 DQ cavesson noseband.  Havanna brown, raised and stitched.  Has had 1 extra hole punched into nose band and head piece $70 Very good
M537 Horson  Galloway/small Hack Havanna brown Number holder with removable chest strap.

Chest strap on middle hole 61cm,   Neck strap on middle hole 124cm

$80 Very good
BR227 Mal Byrne small hack dark brown weymouth bridle.  Browband stitched and semi raised.  No noseband.  1 plaited rein, 1 plain rein. $290 Very good
Bi209 3 curb chains - $8 each $8 each Very good
Bi193 4 1/4" Sliding cheek port mouth weymouth - stainless steel $35 Very good
Bi207 4 1/4" egg butt snaffle - stainless steel $35 Very good
Bi186 4 1/2" Gold D ring Port Mouth - stamped 'never rust'     Made in England $45 Very good
Bi188 4 1/2" Port weymouth - stainless steel $35 Good
Bi189 4 1/2" Port weymouth - stainless steel $40 Very good
Bi190 4 1/2" Sliding cheek Port weymouth - Gold.  Shorter style shank $40 Good to very good
Bi191 4 1/2" Sliding cheek Port weymouth $35 Very good
Bi197 4 1/2"  'Eldonian' Made in England  sliding cheek port weymouth $35 Very good
Bi200 4 1/2" Sliding cheek port weymouth - stainless steel.  New without tags $40 New without tags
Bi187 5"  KK Sprenger Aurigen weymouth - Made in Germany $130 Very good
Bi195 5" Sliding cheek Mullen mouth weymouth - stainless steel $35 Good
Bi203 5" Tom Thumb stainless steel bit $35 Very good
Bi199 5 1/4" Port weymouth - stainless steel $35 Very good
Bi202 5 1/2" Tongue Depressor - stainless steel $35 Very good
Bi184 5 1/2" KK Sprenger Aurigan weymouth.  Made in Germany $130 Good to very good sale pending
Bi185 5 1/2" Loose ring Gold snaffle with curved mouth piece $40 Good
Bi 192 5 1/2" Sliding cheek Mullen mouth weymouth $35 Good
Bi194 5 1/2" Port weymouth - stainless steel $40 Very good
Bi201 5 1/2" Tom Thumb stainless steel bit $35 Very good
Bi204 5 1/2" Korsteel loose ring snaffle with shaped mouth piece $35 Very good
Bi206 5 1/2" Egg butt snaffle  - stainless steel $35 Very good
Bi208 5 1/2"  Egg butt snaffle - stainless steel $35 Very good
LC312 NVS ladies 12 Cashmere jacket.  Dark Navy self patterned with velvet inserted collar, gold crest buttons and double vented. $280 Very good
LC317 Showstoppers ladies 8 Showstoppers cutaway jacket.  Navy wool self patterned fabric with red collar.  Navy/gold crest buttons (bottom button missing navy insert)  Double vented $280 Superior
LC310 Classic Accessories ladies 8 wool tweed jacket.   Gold/brown tone tweed with pale blue window check.  Dark brown trim on collar and pockets. Double vented.  Missing 1 button on front. $250 Very good - see description
GC362 Child size 8-10 Showstoppers Cutaway navy wool jacket. Self patterned fabric.  Inserted navy velvet collar, gold crest buttons.  Double vented $280 Superior
LC315 Tailor made ladies size 8-10 Navy Mini Tails.  Red trim on collar and red bunny ears.  Gold buttons and double vented. $230 Very good
LC314 Tailor made ladies size 8-10 Tweed Mini Tails.  Brown tweed with beige collar trim and bunny ears.  Double vented.  (Missing 1 button on front) $220 Very good - see descripton
N220 16 1/2" Cream 1/2 numnah with quilted back and thin fleece roll.  Quilting a little dirty but fleece in very good condition $85 Very good - see description
N223 15 1/2" - 16" Rams dark cream/ champagne coloured 1/2 numnah.  Dirty needs cleaning otherwise in good soft condition. $65 Good
N221 14 1/2 - 15" Rams dark champagne coloured 1/2 numnah $65 Goo to very good
BR228 English leather brown rolled leather snaffle/led bridle complete with rein to suit galloway $180 Very good
M535 57cm Bamboo cane with Brass top (worn) and brown leather flapper $50 Good
Gi123 66cm Wintec white girth $35 Good to very good
T174 Windsor navy tie with red polka dots $20 Very good
T175 'Glenora' Silk tie.  Navy/red/white paisley $20 Very good
J695 Peter Williams 28" Mens Breech (size M2).  White Ribbed fabric and full seat.

Waist 72cm, Inside leg 62cm

$110 Very good to Superior
J693 Cavallo Chagall ladies 10 beige breech.  Full seat.  Tagged GB26, USA 28

Waist 70cm, Inside leg 65cm.            New without tags

$120 New without tags
J692 K Ritchie Melbourne ladies size 8 banana breech with full seat.  Pleats and pockets at front.  Lovely stretchy fabric $120 Superior
J691 Peter Williams to fit ladies 6-8 or child 10/12 Some saddle marks

Waist 55cm, inside leg 73cm

$50 Good see description
J688 Westener ladies size 10 Navy jodhpur with lime green suede knee patch

Waist 74cm, Inside leg 81cm, Hem 4cm

$60 Very good
J686 Black jodhpur to suit child 10/12.  Sticky bum.

Waist 62cm, inside leg 77cm , Hem let down

$30 Good
J687 Goldern Dress ladies 8 black breech with sticky bum.  Made in Germany

Waist 67cm,  Inside leg 70cm

$60 Good
J694 Windsor ladies 10 cream jodhpurs that have been cut off to make breech. $35 Good
J696 Peter Williams ladies size 14 banana breech with brown sticky bum.  Has stains. $35 Fair
J689 Dublin ladies size 10 Khaki coloured jodhpur that has been cut off to make work breech.

Waist 65cm, Inside leg 62cm

$30 Good - see description
Bi129 5" Rugby Mullen Mouth - no chain $45 Very good
Bi128 5 1/4" Mullen mouth pelham - stainless steel $35 Very good
Bi100 5" Jointed pelham $30 Very good
Bi170 4 3/4" Loose ring snaffle - fine $30 Very good
Bi182 5 1/2" Egg butt snaffle - Eldonian made in England $30 Very good
Bi180 5 1/2" Hollow Egg butt snaffle $25 Very good
Bi177 5 1/2" FM jointed full cheek bit $30 Very good
Bi174 5 1/2" Hollow stainless steel loose ring snaffle $30 Very good
Bi172 5 1/2" Sweet Iron snaffle $30 Good
Bi178 5 1/4" Staight overcheek bit $20 Very good
Bi175 5 1/4" Eldonian Eggbuttt snaffle - made in England. $30 Very good
Bi173 5 1/4" Sweet iron snaffle $25 Good
Bi181 5" Eldonian Eggbutt snaffle - made in England $30 Very good
Bi176 5"  FM twisted mouth, full cheek bit - stainless steel $20 Very good
M526 Kincade lunge system $55 Good to very good
M528 Browband making kit.  Includes glue gun, pack of glue sticks, rolls of ribbon, vinyl browbands (3) , and instructions. $30 Good
M532 Tie up / pull back collar made from seat belt material $25 Very good sale pending
Gi114 130cm Tekna Brown stud girth RRP $130 $95 Very good
Gi117 81cm or 32" Brown leather girth $40 Good
Gi118 114cm or 45" Brown leather Fitzwilliam girth (rust on buckles) $35 Good - see description
Gi120 78cm Equi-prene back anti gall girth with elastic $30 Good
Gi122 116cm Wintec brown anti gall girth $35 Good
BR224 Full size brown leather snaffle bridle with drop noseband  - an older bridle but with good quality leather.....a good work bridle. $30 Good
Gi115 73cm or 29"    2 point elastic girth.  Made by F & V Marsland Brisbane $20 Good
M530 Rope Halter and rope lead $25 Good to very good
BR226 Full size black cotton/leather webbed reins $10 Superior
LC309 Windsor ladies 12 navy double vented jacket.  Velvet collar with gold trim, gold horsehead buttons. $150 Very good
M511 Brown leather gaitors - small.  Good quality leather $70 Good
M513 Rowel Spurs stainless steel $35 Very good
M520 Full size Black Neoprene splint boots with purple straps - doubled to prevent coming undone $35 Good to very good
M516 5" Irons with black treads $35 Good
M525 Full size elastic breastplate $25 Good
M524 Full size brown leather breastplate with rings $40 Superior
M519 Full size Grackle noseband $20 Good
M506 14 1/2cm Black chain guard $20 Very good
M505 14 1/2cm Black chain guard $20 Very good
M504 15cm  Brown chain guard $15 Good
M503 14 1/2cm Dark brown chain guard $20 Very good
M502 14cm Dark brown chain guard $20 Very good
R192 5'9 Capriole Equestrian Navy Wool rug. $60 Very good
GC357 Shires 26" 'Huntingdon' green tweed jacket with blue fleck and pink window check.  100% wool, Double vented.  Black velvet inserted collar and pocket trim.  Green horsehead buttons on front and back.  Dry cleaned. $160 Superior
N217 16" Wagners cream numnah.  Marks on cotton lining however fleece in very good condition $100 Very good - see description
N213 14" Cheryl's sheepskin cream numnah with thinner roll.

Underside stained with horse dye, but fleece still soft.

$60 Good
N216 14-15" Cream numnah $60 Good to very good
N206 16 1/2" Wagners 1/2  Brown numnah $95 Superior
N205 17" Wagners brown 1/2 numnah $85 Very good
N214 16 1/2" - 17" Shepherd Woolskins cream numnah $50 Fair to good
F144 48cm Champions false tail.  Chestnut - mix or red and liver hairs.  Double thickness $100 Very good
F143 46cm Champions false tail.  Red Chestnut, double thickness $100 Very good
BB113 13 1/4" Navy/green diamonte browband. $20 Very good
BB112 13 1/2" Navy/gold/yellow browband $20 Good
M476 4" Kwik-out stirrup irons $110 Good


RM Williams 5 G brown riding boot.  Wear on sole

Toe to heel 27cm

$85 Good


Baxter size 7 brown boots.  Synthetic sole.  Has had front puller cut off. $100 Very good
M508 Full size brown cavesson noseband $20 Good to very good
M507 Pony black cavesson noseband - semi raised and stitched $20 Good to Very good
R195 Wool 1/4 sheet - H M Horsewear.  Puple with pink trim and stars $40 Very good
R196 Wool 1/4 sheet - Burgundy with black trim $40 Very good
J685 Nagwear child size 14 beige sticky bum jodhpur

Waist 68cm, Inside leg 78cm ,  no hem

$35 Good
J684 Buckskin child size 8 banana sticky bum jodhpurs.

Waist 61cm, Inside leg 80cm, Hem 3cm

$50 Very good
BR207 Cob size weymouth bridle - brown with plain reins.  4 1/2" curb and 5" ring snaffle bits included. $200 Good
BR213 New Signature havanna brown pony reins.  1 plaited and 1 plain $60 New
BR214 New Signature Black full size rein set.  1 Plaited and 1 plain $60 New
M479 Cob/Full brown lip strap - brown $25 Very good


Helmet cover - shiny red with white stars and blue ribbon $15 Very good
M480 Grey Plastic Spurs $25 Very Good
GC358 Show Stoppers child size 8 navy self pinstriped cutaway  jacket with red/white collar.  Beautiful silver buttons and red trim around edge of jacket.    100% lightweight wool.  Red Vest to match.   Dry cleaned. $240 Superior
M481 30cm Plaited brown leather cane - very good quality $90 Very good
M486 46cm Havanna Brown cane.  Smooth leather, stitched up one side.  Beautiful quality and very classical $100 Superior
M483 56cm Bamboo cane with Crystal and silver top and silver bullet end $80 Good to Very good
M487 62cm Bamboo Hunt whip.  Brown leather handle and flapper $55 Very good
J683 Peter William child size 8 wheat/gold coloured sticky bum jodhpur $60 Very good
J682 Westener child size 12 sticky bum cream jodhpurs

Waist 58cm, Inside leg, hem 3cm

$40 Good
M488 Pony Number holder - Havanna brown stitched.  Chest strap can't be removed. $50 Good to very good
M493 Full size Brown number holder - missing chest strap $30 Good to very good
S371 Equestrian synthetic pony pad.  13 1/2" from front hand grip to cantel. $100 Fair to Good
S369 13" Worboys & Sons NSW pigskin brown saddle.   Unmounted.  Seat and flaps in good soft condition, however underside is rough and has cracks in the  leather.   3 girth points on near side but only 2 on off side. $250


Fair to Good
S367 15 1/2" Stubben Parzival with turnout finish - Covered buttons, D's and short stitched points ( but no longer in turnout condition)  .   Medium Gullet $420


S368 15 1/2" - 16" Syd Hill - 'Super Suprema - Wembley Dressage', brown unmounted saddle.  Medium to Medium wide gullet. 

Good condition however girth points need renewing and some wear on seat



M500 Wagners purple/pink with gold stars  leather chaps $80 Good to very good
Bi169 4 1/2" Rugby pelham - Mullen mouth.  STC Australia $30 Very good
Bi166 5" Victor Bit , stainless steel.  New with tags $40 New with tags
Bi168 4 3/4" Mullen Mouth Pelham stainless steel bit. $20 Good
Bi167 5" Dublin Copper roller egg butt snaffle $35 Good to very good
GC359 Julee Jones jacket tagged size 6 but more like a size 8.  Navy with navy and red velvet collar.  Single vented.  Has a repair on arm and arms have been taken up, so there is 5cm of fabric to let down. $80 Good - see description
GC360 Louis Epstein child size 8  charcoal grey with fine pinstripe jacket made with Dormeuil fabric.  Black velvet inserted collar.  Single vented.  Wool. $90 Very good
LC307 Windsor Santiago jacket - new with tags - RRP $250

Navy pinstripe with Navy velvet collar and white trim.  Pewter type horsehead buttons.  Double vented.

tba New with tags
LC306 Evelyn Park ladies size 8 navy jacket with purple trim on collar and pockets.  Navy velvet collar.  Gold buttons and Double vented. tba Good
V271 Equestrian Fashion - child size 14 purple vest with white trim and gold buttons tba Very good
T166 Equestrian Fashion - pretied stock.  White/purple with gold tie bar tba Superior
M499 'Equestrian' hat bag with pocket.  Navy/red $25 Good
M472 Purple ripstop nylon browband cover $10 Good
M495 Equestrian Navy/red saddle bag $20 Good
GC361 Pretty Ponies navy wool jacket to suit child 12-14.  Navy fox head buttons.  Double vented.  Navy velvet collar (faded).

This jacket has a couple of moth holes thus the reduced price.  Still would make a great ag show or wet weather jacket  at this price

$100 Good - see description
LC308 Louis Epstein ladies 10 navy pinstripe jacket.  Inserted navy velvet collar, gold buttons, Double vented. $80 Good to very good
M473 Black leather clogs $30 Good to Very good
M478 4 1/4" Nickle plate irons $20 Fair to Good
R190 Weatherbeeta full size tail bag. Navy/red/white $20 Good to very good
Gi111 101cm Fitzwilliam Brown leather girth (missing the 3rd buckle strap) $70 Very good
Gi110 55cm Stubben black leather girth with buckle protectors $100 Very good to Superior
Gi109 103cm Cream Lampwick girth with havanna brown leather ends.  Dirty - needs a clean. $40 Good
Gi108 65cm Brown anti gall girth $35 Good
Gi107 115cm Black Anti gall girth $40 Very good
Gi105 66cm Wintec white girth (some wear underneath 1 buckle) $25 Good see description
S364 18"  Stubben 'Aramis Equipment' saddle.  Havanna Brown, with medium gullet.  A complete turnout saddle with short points, point covers, covered buttons and stitched edges. This saddle has only been used for turnout classes. 

 Unmounted, but does come with Roma saddle bag.

$1200 Very Good
LC305 Alexander James 34" - looks like ladies 12.  Green tweed  with bold window check

(vertical is burgundy/rust/mustard,   horizontal is navy/purple/blue). 

Navy velvet collar (fading) and velvet pocket trim.   Double vented.

$tba Good - see description
GC354 Di Durling child size 8 or ladies 8 Navy double vented  jacket.  Self patterned fabric with red velvet collar and gold trim (velvet and trim can be removed).  Gold buttons.  100% wool.    (some wear of velvet at back of neck) $250 Very good - see description
R189 Full size (although would also fit cob) ripstop cottom hood.  All attaching clips in order but does have a tear in one corner as can be seen in photo $20 Good
M469 4 3/4" Peacock irons -  Stainless steel, no rubbers $20 Good


4 1/2" Stainless Steel Offset irons - white rubbers $25 Good
SH299 June Allard ladies 10 cream ratcatcher short sleeved shirt $35 Very Good
J677 John McDougal Stickers breech, banana colour.  Tag say 14 but more like and 8-10

Waist 68cm, Inside leg 62cm

$75 Very Good
LC302 Ascot ladies 10 tweed jacket.  Cream base colour with navy and blue houndstooth and yellow window check.  Buttons on front, cuff and back are navy velvet coloured to match velvet on collar  (looks black in picture but is  navy)  Double vented. $240 Superior
LC298 Royal Competitor ladies size 12 single vented jacket.  80% wool, 20% poly.  Olive green/Brown colour with self patterned fabric that has a fleck through it. $75 Good to Very Good
LC299 Saddle Master ladies 36" approximate size 12 Navy jacket made in England.  Gold fox head button on front, cuffs and back.  Navy velvet collar.  Single vented. $120 Superior
LC301 Nagwear ladies jacket tagged size 12 but more like 8-10.  Charcoal grey with pale grey pinstripe.  Black velvet collar.  Single vented. $70 Good
J678 DG Westener child size 6 banana jods with sticky bum.  Have saddle marks as per photo

waist 50cm, inside leg 65cm

$35 Fair to good
BR202 Hansome english leather full size weymouth bridle.  Havanna brown. $200 Superior
BR200 Jeremy & Lord Black Cob weymouth bridle.  Tried on but never ridden in. $140 As new see description
J674 John McDougall banana breech.  Tagged ladies 12 but more like a size 8 - see measurements.  Suede belt tabs and pocket trim.

Waist 62cm, Inside leg 64cm


$65 Very Good
SH288 Equetech ladies 10 white ratcatcher shirt.  Short sleeved with concealed buttons.  2 Diamontes on ratcatcher.  Lace detail on back to shoulder blade area.  Very nice shirt $60 New without tags
LC296 Andy Ellis jacket to suit ladies 14-16.  Black double vented jacket with gold piping on collar that can be removed.  Gold buttons $150 Very Good

Andy Ellis 36" navy jacket with self patterned pinstrip.  Navy velvet collar with cream piping trim.   Needs a new set of buttons as ones on front are not match with sleeve.  Double vented

$180 Good to Very good
SH289 Size 39 Cornflour blue coloured shirt.  Would fit approximate ladies 16-18 $15 New without tags
M466 61cm whip.  Purple crystal top, purple leather plait, purple and white wrap, purple shaft, diamontes then purple  flapper $85 Very good
M465 68cm whip.  Crystal top, leather plait, purple and clear diamontes, pink leather shaft and purple flapper $85 Very Good
BT154 Konig Top Boots.  Black.   Stamped 518    4   11  06  50  33

Toe to Heel 26cm, Calf 34.5cm, Outside leg 51cm

$880 Very Good
BT156 Louis Epstein top boots.  Black, made in England. Complete with boot pullers, Trees and "Aintree Boot Bag".  Has had elastic put on inside of calf to make easier to put on and off.

Toe to Heel 26cm, Calf 37.5cm, Outside leg 44cm

$440 Good - See description
BT155 'Siam Leather Goods' black top boots (soft uppers - no stiffening) Soles need repairing, but would make a good work boot

Toe to heel 26cm, Outside leg 45cm

$50 See Description
GC351 'Lotus - Romeo' navy jacket to fit approximate size 8.  Made in Hungary.  Navy velvet collar with white trim on edge of collar and pockets.  Diamonte buttons




Caldene 36" made in England.  Green tweed jacket with mustard and red overcheck.  Green fox head buttons.  Double vented.

$230 Superior

Ascot 36" black wool jacket made in Australia.  Double vented, gold buttons, picked edges.   New with tags.  RRP $499.95 so grab a bargain with our price!

$180 New with tags
LC295 Tailor made Ladies size 8  green tweed double vented jacket.  Burgundy trim on collar and pockets (may be removed).  Gold buttons. $180 Very Good
GC352 Windsor child size 12 wool blend navy self pattered jacket.  Double vented.  Navy velvet collar with gold trim.  Navy and gold crest buttons. $150 Good to Very good
GC353 Child size 8-10 years navy single vented jacket.  Navy velvet collar and pocket trim.  Navy and gold crest buttons. $130 Very Good
T160 Navy with blue fleck Wool Turnout tie.  Made in Australia (has fine moth hole) $30 See description
T159 Navy Wool Turnout Tie (has fine moth holes) $30 see description


'Horseabout Aust' Medium size Brown leather gaitor. $45 Very Good
S360 17" Brown Saddle.  Stamped "County Saddlery - St Neot's Cambs"  


Now reduced to:



S358 17" Keiffer Wein saddle unmouted.  Black/Brown.  


Now reduced to:


Reduced further to :_


Absolute bargain at this price



J672 RM Williams 30R Moleskin.  Tagged TJ781  08/11  01  00007993

Waist 78cm, Inside leg 77cm

$60 Very Good
J671 RM Williams 30R Moleskins (True Heavy quality material).  Tagged  TJ180  08/11 01  00007989 $80 Very Good
J669 Harry Hall Ladies 12 - 28" beige breech

Waist 78cm, Inside leg 70cm

$45 Good
J670 Dublin jodhpurs to suit ladies 14/16 (tagged 16). $35 Good  


'Veltheim' - Gaucho black leather top boots to fit 9 - 9 1/2.  Purchased in Munich and worn only at competitions.  Includes 2 boot hooks.  Stamped 212371, 37/48 7SH.  Has had an  elastic insert put in top of inside calf. $280 Good
V258 Wagners child size 12 red vest $70 Very good
LC293 Alexander James ladies 12 Black wool jacket.  Plain black buttons, button holed sleeves, and double vented.  Also includes Alexander James tattersall check vest - cream/red / black $540 Superior
GC348 K Ritchie child size 12 navy double vented navy jacket.  Self patterned fabric.  Gold crest buttons.  Gold horse head and horse shoe brooch on lapel. $180 Very good
SH287 Showstoppers child size 11/12 Blue and white stripe shirt $35 Good
J668 Buckskin jodhpurs to suit 7-8 yr old child (tagged size 6).  Banana sticky bums

Waist 60cm, Inside leg 79cm, Hem 3cm`

$55 Good to very good
M464 Adult size stainless steel dummy spurs $25 Very good
R185 Australian made ripstop hood  with ear pockets.  Lined mane area.  Hood is well made and has double reinforcement on underside of neck where clips are sewn in.  Only used a couple of times, however has been stained in storage, otherwise in very good condition $60 Very good (see description)
S356 17" Stock saddle, fully mounted.  $170 Good
Bi158 5 3/4" KK Sprenger Aurigan bit.  Gold mouth piece, loose ring. $120 Very good
Bi159 5 1/2" Portmouth weymouth - stainless steel $30 Very good
Bi164 5 1/2" Dublin loose ring french snaffle $25 Very good
Bi162 5 1/2" Copper roller snaffle $25 Very good
Bi161 5 1/2" French snaffle $25 Very good
Bi160 5 1/2" Curved mullen mouth curb bit $25 Very good
LC290 Showstoppers ladies 8 wool navy jacket.  Double vented.  Indented red collar and 1/2 cuffs.  Lovely gold crest buttons.  This jacket has not been used much by owner. $280 Superior
Bi151 5 1/2" STC stainless steel egg butt snaffle $35 Superior
M461 Weatherbeeta full size float boots - sky blue with navy $45 Very Good
N199 Eurohunter white quilted pony size  Dressage saddlecloth with number holder both sides $50 Very good
N198 White full size quilted saddlecloth with number holder both sides $45 Very good
N197 Zilco black saddlecloth $30 Good
Gi102 80cm Black antigall girth with single buckle $35 Very good
Gi101 65cm Equiprene white anti gall girth $35  Very Good
T155 Red and gold patterned tie $15 Good
T154 2 Red and white stripe ties - suitable for pairs etc $25 Good
T153 Cream Satin tie $25 Very good
T150 Red Zipper tie - these are great for kids as are easy to put on and knot is always same shape.  Made by "Australian Zipper Ties" $25 Very Good
T151 Dark Pink zipper Tie -these are great for kids as are easy to put on and knot is always same shape. $20 Very Good photo to come
T148 "Show pony attire" - red and white gingham stock $25 Very Good
T149 June Allard size 'S' - Pure silk cream stock $20 Good
T152 Red and white gingham stock with pleated front $25 Good
J667 Thomas  Cook Moleskins  30" x 34" (long leg). Stone colour with "comfort waist"

New in packet with tags

$70 New with tags
J665 'Douglas' 30R to suit ladies size 12 Banana coloured breech with full seat sticky bum

Waist 74cm, Inside leg 68cm

$75 Very Good
J666 'Douglas' 30R to suit ladies size 12 Banana coloured breech with full seat sticky bum

Waist 74cm, Inside leg 68cm


$75 Very Good
J664 Douglas banana breech with suede knee patches.  Banana colour.  Missing hook latch at waist

Waist 76cm,  Inside leg 64cm

$35 Good  to very good- see description
SH285 Ladies 10/12 Red and White gingham ratcatcher shirt. $45 Very Good
SH284  Ladies approximate size 10 Navy shirt (no brand) $35 Very Good
N195 15 1/2" Black numnah $60 Good to very good
N192 17" synthetic brown numnah by "Nuumed by Griffin" - made in Great Britain.  A tidy numnah that could be used under a fleece numnah to keep fleece clean $45 Very Good
N190 18" Cream numnah cotton backed $65 Good
N189 16" Cheryls Sheepskin 1/2 numnah cream $60 Good
N188 15 1/2" Equus (made in Aust)  cream numnah $65 Good to Very Good
N187 Blue patterned saddlecloth - 1 small tear in fabric $25 Good


16" Brown Cotton quilted numnah - Great to put under sheepskin numnahs to keep them clean $45 Very Good
T145 Child size stock purchased from Gallery Equine - Showstoppers.  Cream with red piping and pearl detailed stock pin $25 Good
SH282 Ladies 8 Showstoppers white shirt with red trim on cuff and collar peak.  Diamontes have been added to the red trim on the collar, but can be removed. $40 Very Good


EQvvs Black Gaiters - Made in England.  Superior quality leather gaiter - calf 13/14 or 33/36cm,  length 17" or 43cm $200 Superior
LC288 Cavallo ladies 10 navy jacket.  Navy velvet collar and french cuffs.  Double vented.  Gold raised buttons with navy detail in middle.

Photo makes fabric look faded, but it is a true navy

Purchased from Wagners saddlery for over $500 and only been worn a couple of times so grab a bargain

$350 Very good to superior
J662 Buckskin ladies size 10 long (also may suit child size 14 tall) turnout jodhpurs. Mustard coloured stretchy material

Waist 62cm, Inside leg 83cm

$100 Superior
LC285 NVS Equine ladies 8 (tagged 10 but more like an 8)  Navy jacket with white stripe stand up collar.   Silver crest buttons, double vented.

 New without tags.  RRP: $395

$300 New without tags
LC284 Showstoppers ladies size 8 Black cutaway jacket.  Double vented.  Lovely detailed silver buttons.  This jacket has only been worn a couple of times. $150 Superior
V252 Windsor ladies 12 navy vest with gold horse head buttons.  Only used a couple of times $75 Superior

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