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     Site Updated:  5th February 2020
After much deliberation, I have decided to close my business Equestrian Gear Online within the next couple of months.

After 20 years of operation, I would like ...to thank all the people who have sent me gear to sell on their behalf. Also a big thank you to all the people who have bought items over the years from me.

I will be contacting owners of the gear that I still have in the next couple of weeks, to organize the return of gear that hasn't sold.

If any buyers out there have had their eyes on any of the items I have listed, now is the time to purchase before they are returned to their respectful owners.

Any owners reading this that would like some or all of their gear donated to bushfire victims, let me know.

with thanks
Jane Lavelle
Equestrian Gear Online



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Rydair Sizing
Rydair Pricing

The Ultimate Anti-Slip Saddle Pad
with the Unique Web Design!

The Ultimate Saddle Pad!









The Rydair™ saddle pad is made from high density quick recovery memory foam with the unique webbing system to create the ultimate anti-slip saddle pad.

Saddle roll and slippage is virtually eliminated when the pad is properly fitted.

General Purpose


The pad moulds to the shape of the horse and saddle producing a perfect fit. Pressure points are eliminated, resulting in greater freedom of movement for the horse.


Movement of the saddle and rider is absorbed in the pad thus preventing or reducing muscle & back soreness in the horse and providing optimum comfort for the horse and improved shock absorption for the rider.


The Rydair™ "Breathable" web allows air flow between the horse and pad, causing heat and sweat to disperse.This reduces the possibility of sweat rash and friction burns, whilst maintaining its excellent anti-slip properties.

As sweat is not absorbed into the pad, it will appear that the horse is sweating more, while in effect the sweat flow actually reduces heat build up under the saddle.


The Rydair™ pad is hygienic as sweat is not absorbed into the pad, allowing it to be wiped dry or aired, and then reused. Rydair™ pads have been successfully trialed and developed over several years for Australia conditions.

Rydair™ Pads are currently being used across the world by leading Studs, Riders and Trainers throughout the large range of equine discplines, including Campdraft, Show Jumping, Eventing, Endurance, Polo, Polocrosse, Cutting, Roping, Reining, Barrel Racing, Thoroughbred Racing and Training, as well as general stockwork and pleasure riding.


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